This garden is tight

this garden is tight

Is that the best graffiti or what? I love that it was clearly a teenager carrying around a paint marker for graffiti, enjoying the garden and commenting on it. It’s such a social thing to do, really. It reminds me of the very old graffiti in ancient temples.

There was an NPR article… let me find it… here it is. An Archeologist quoted in the article describes ancient graffiti as, “a spontaneous verbal outburst” that adds intimacy to the historical record of the ancient Levant and Mesopotamia”. She also describes graffiti as, “intimate, vocal and spontaneous”.

Awesome! That is totally how I feel even about crappy graffiti.

Someday I want to try moss graffiti, there is a good tutorial for moss graffiti here. This would also be a fun outdoor project for older kids!

Anyway, this garden IS tight and made even more so by the fact that is is a guerrilla garden. This garden is on an embankment by the road near my house that Frank Snapp has been gardening in (he also gardens on the median strips along this road) for many years. He uses natives and Mediterranean plants that require little to no upkeep. The garden is wild, just the way I like it. I haven’t met Frank but I hope to this summer.

I’ll blog more about some of the plants in this garden and how J and I ‘hike’ there.

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