Sometimes all you need is a big ass field

DSC05985Amiright? A big field of clover is so pleasing, especially when it is empty of other people. As is the field near our house. During the week it is often surprisingly empty.

J was going all Charlie Brown on this soccer ball. He would run at it very fast from very far away and try to kick it but mostly ended up on his back. hehehh.


This is Mosswood Park near my house. It’s quite a good park. There are two playgrounds, a baseball diamond, basketball courts, a community garden, a huge field, plenty of trees, a neat stone amphitheater, and buildings with bathrooms (SCORE!) and activities for the community.

Mosswood Park is also home to two bird houses built by the FLUX Foundation and local schools. The project is called TweetHaus and is an art and ecology project. Read more about it here. I took pictures of the birdhouses bu can’t find them right now. So far, the houses are unoccupied by birds but I have hope for them!

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  1. Thanks for enjoying our bird houses. We have hope too, for the birds and for more projects like TweeHaus in Oakland public parks. Flux is working on it.

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