Rainbow slide in Sweden

I’ve seen a couple of pictures of this slide in a playground in Sweden.

Sagolekplatsen Malmö Stadsbibliotek

How fun does that look?! I want to go there immediately. I love the slide/bridge over a stream environment creation and that there are so many elevation changes visible in this picture. I wonder what the rest of this park is like!

Oh I searched around online web and found out it is The Fairytale Playground in Malmo.

Here’s a picture where you can see more of the park.

Temalekplats slottsparken

LOVE those grass mounds to the left.

and here’s a link to Alex Smith’s post on Playgroundology about the other awesome playgrounds in Malmo. Actually just go read his post about all the themed playgrounds in Malmo. Links and pics galore!

The Spiral Playground, also in Malmo, reminds me of the DNA strand in front of the Lawrence Hall of Science.
Here is my nephew climbing it
conquering the double helix

Oh this is a good pic too. You can see my son’s bald head. Heehehee
action shot

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  1. Hi Laura,

    I hope your readers enjoy the PlayGroundology’s post about Malmö’s themed playgrounds. I felt just like you did when I first discovered them online. I’d love to take my kids to that part of the world sometime. There are so many great play possibilities on both sides of the Oresund Bridge – Malmö and Copenhagen.

    Can you give me any tips on exceptional playgrounds in your neck of the woods?


  2. Hi Alex!

    I can give you recommendations!
    bay area discovery museum has a wonderful playscape.
    Golden Gate park playground has a HUGE concrete slide (bring cardboard). :)
    The Yerba Buena playground in downtown SF is great too although I have a few snipes about it, like, it needs more shade! but it is good fun!

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