NCC-1701 Farm

My garden is looking mangy but I’m still pretty happy with it. There are a ton of CA poppies randomly everywhere and that is very pleasing. I turned in all the borage and harvested the chamomile and have prepped that bed to be ready for something else. I got some ground cherry plants from a neighbor and some calendula seeds. T’s big fancy poppies are blooming nicely and one of my salvias FINALLY bloomed. The CA fuchsias are starting to flower, they yarrow is still happy and I think my Eriogonum (can’t remember which it is) will flower soon.

onion, basil, CA poppies, orange tree

The carrots, lettuce shallots, and onions are super happy. The garlic didn’t do it’s thing at all so I’ll try again later this year. The plums are almost ripe. My zucchini has a ton of flowers and my basil almost already bolted but I hopefully pinched off the flowers in time. The cilantro is sort of sad and straggly but still trucking.

One sticky monkey flower is doing really well and blooming all over the place and the one I moved from a pot to the ground is still deciding if it just wants to give up the ghost.

The leeks are looking good and the bean vines are twining around.


The weeds and invasive grasses are rampant. Meadow still not done but has a new cover crop coming in.

J and I just picked all the ripe strawberries and ate them all up:
delicious strawberries from the back yard!

I have a bunch of Heucheras placed around, they are still pretty small. I went to Flora Grubb for the first time yesterday with my sister. She bought some cute succulents and I bought a Primula veris, a Dymondia margaretae, and a Dipogon lignosus.

That’s a lot of plants I’ve got in my backyard and that’s not even all the food plants. How many food plants does it take to make a farm? How many farm animals? I think what it takes is a NAME. All I need to turn this thing into a farm is a good name.

Pointy and Clucky Farm?
Howe Street Farm?
FU Farm?
Playscape Farm?
Laurasaurus Farm?
C’mon, I need a good nerd reference name…
Hobbit Hole Farm?
NCC 1701-Farm?
Firefly Farm

She loves me.

In other news I did NOT get the awesome horticultural internship I applied for. Not to worry. I will go on their volunteer days to get some actual official gardening (for someone else) experience.

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