Let’s talk about plants! Nicotiana and Dymondia

Early in the spring I bought a tiny four inch Nicotania alta ‘Lime Green’ from Annie’s Annuals. I love chartreuse flowers, look how adorable these are:

i forgot what sort of bean plants i planted.

I have this in a pot and it grew quite quickly, is blooming prolifically, the flowers are big, and it is nicely bushy. I really love this plant and I want a couple more. The Annie’s site says it reseeds itself easily so I’m going to wait to see how that goes and I’ll do some seed collecting as well.

This is a good plant for a kids garden, its got interesting big flowers and since it’s a prolific bloomer who cares if kids pick some to make fairy dresses or potions or whatever.

Dymondia margaretae – Silver Carpet

I bought a four inch Dymondia thinking it would be good as a ground cover for a kid trampled, high traffic area near the hill slide. The soil here isn’t sandy at all and it might be too shady a spot. This is an easy plant to propagate and I turned the 4 inch plant into like… 6 teeny plants. Once you shake off the soil it’s super obvious how to gently separate it.

Read up on Dymondia margaretae at the Stepables web site.

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