Right Tree, Right Place

This is a handy tree guide made up for PGE by California Polytechnic State University for the Bay Area, Northern and Central California. If you’re working on a site with power line issues this tool can be quite useful.

This page has some handy guides for selecting the right tree for the right place based on some other guidelines like allergy and toxicity or fire safety.

You can order a Right Tree, Right Place poster from PGE here.

And download a cute poster for Palm trees appropriate for use near power lines.

The people who planted redwoods right next to the power lines at a recent client’s property could have used this guide 15 years ago…

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Pots and Fountains Resources

I’m working on lists for various landscape resources. Online and local to the Bay Area, CA.
Here we have some fountain and pot resources.

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Useful Resource!

I love this useful Botanic Latin name pronunciation guide: – Botanical Latin Pronunciation Guide

I just used this too look up Bulbine frutescens – bul-BYE-nee froo-TESS-enz
I WAS saying it correctly, so good for me. But I was with someone recently who was not pronouncing the -nee at the end.

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