Pots and Fountains Resources

I’m working on lists for various landscape resources. Online and local to the Bay Area, CA.
Here we have some fountain and pot resources.

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Design concepts – The Six Courtyard Houses

The Six Courtyard Houses were designed by Ibarra Rosano Design Architects in Arizona.

This article has images and plan views. I’m not familiar with the climate in Arizona. I must say that I wouldn’t want to live in the landscape pictured for these houses. It’s a bit.. stark and exposed.

What was the thought process for it? “I would like there to be a big central platform viewable from every window in the house. Plus, three plants.” heeheee. I kid! Or do I?

I’m more of a Secret Garden’ kinda gal. But I want to learn more about this starker more modern/contemporary style. This Pintrest Board has tons of great examples.

Various design concept sketches.
I need to pick one to develop further. 1, 6 or 2?





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Neighborhood Walks – Moss Edition

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Fun at Tilden Botanic Garden

I really love Tilden Botanic Garden. For one thing there are about one million little bridges. And there is just a pleasing variety of microclimates and fab plants.

The one on the end is a nudibranch or maybe a paramecium.

I realize a botanic garden probably isn’t the right venue for this but I did it anyway and it was pleasing. I will stick to using nature to make ephemeral art in urban places.

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Painting with plants

I am focusing in on plant color and texture right now.

I have had the opportunity to visit the personal garden of the owners of Potomac Waterworks twice, once in the Fall and once in Spring. I mean, what a lovely garden! My inner 8 year old wants to live there with the fairies and unicorns and so does my outer 40 yr old. :)

Not only is it a technically marvelous construction project but it is the most thoughtful and beautiful landscape painting I have ever stepped into.

This is a watercolor painting I did based on a photo I took:

While there are many “rules” you can learn and follow around color and texture in the garden you really have to be an artist to accomplish this.

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Pretty Landscaping Tile

Pretty Landscape Tile

This garden is in East Oakland and the
tiles are by

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Eyes on the road!

Well, I didn’t actually get into an accident while taking this picture and driving. I swear! I was stopped in traffic! I simple had to take a picture of this MONSTROSITY. Who decided on this as a good idea?

wtf? concrete front yard. ahahaha

In case you can’t tell, that is a concrete front yard with 4 holes for shrubs… a single shrub in each hole.

I get that planting what looks like a steep slope could be daunting but think of the heinous amount of runoff this landscape is producing!

This could so easily be solved with some hardy natives. Even just a nice carpet of ground hugging Arctostaphylos like Arctostaphylos uva-ursi would lessen run-off and be a fine weed barrier.

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