Berkeley Adventure Playground

What is an adventure playground?
I think of them as a free form playground built by kids and the grownups with them. It’s a space where the way kids play hasn’t been decided for them already, they get to see a bunch of raw materials and see the possibilities and create their own spaces.

They get wood and nails and discarded playground equipment and rope and old boats and whatever other cool stuff the staff can find or is donated. And the kids can use it however they want.

adventure playground

I feel lucky to live in an area with an Adventure Playground, you can read about it’s hostly here. It’s such a cool idea and we have been taking my son since before he could walk. There is something for everyone!

adventure playground

You have to earn tools and paint by helping clean up or gathering up old nails. Once J. could walk he loved to collect nails with a magnet fishing pole in order to trade the nails for paint.

berkeley adventure playground

Here’s J as an almost or maybe just 1 year old sitting in a boat filled with sand. Neat!
adventure playground

This is an ever evolving instrument. It’s got drums and harps and tons of other things that make great noises.

I wish I could figure out how to embed this video of my son getting bonked by a hanging float.He is at about 2 years freaking out with excitement at some junk hanging around. At about 28 seconds he gets bonked with the hanging rescue float.


The last time we went T. helped him build an airplane out of scrap wood.
adventure playground

More awesomeness. In this picture you can see not only a a cool boat in the foreground but several boats filled with plants in the middle and then the oh so cool zipline in the background. Kids line up for this over and over and it’s so fun to watch them. You must be 6 in order to ride it. I’m not sure if J. will want to!

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  1. Wow :-) my boys would loooooove this playground

  2. Wow, the place where we live does not have this concept of playgound yet. Just looking at your pictures and post is really inspiring and so much fun for the children to explore and learn skills and knowledge. Awesome!!

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